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Educational Settings:
 Educator Trainings/On-Campus Culture Program/ Family Support Groups
OBJECTIVES of Training:

-Identify possible student challenges in regards to their learning capabilities
- Learn proven techniques to best assist and support those students that struggle in an educational environment, while maintaining a culture of learning and safety in the classroom
- Provide learning experiences, with a theme of empathy through two challenging, guided activities 
-Produce a positive nurturing learning environment
-Build on positive relationships and friendships
-Open discussions and respect of different backgrounds

*This training has also been modified and presented to transportation departments of various school districts

**Please note: Each training module is uniquely modified to the needs of your District and its educators 


    Through Ms. Potter's six years of experience in the classroom as a preferred substitute teacher in San Diego Unified School District and her close relationships with many educators, she understands that our educators can find themselves struggling with engagement and learning objectives. The need to know how to best assist and support those students in their classrooms, especially those who struggle with unseen challenges, while maintaining a culture of learning and acceptance in their rooms and on their campus', is imperative for these young adults and their futures.

Ms.. Potter has also presented this training at the Cal Ed Conference in Sacramento, CA. for educators. 

Interested in offering this 60 minute training to your district educators? Send us an email via our contact page.

Dear Tiffany,
 I enjoyed learning about your disability, and the hardships you encountered throughout your life. It opened my eyes to the world beyond what I see. With this letter I thank you for enlightening me about yourself and other disabilities that people are threatened with. Your speach had a huge impact on my life and beliefs.

Alexandra E. Reeves
(age 12) 

Dear Tiffany,
 I am so glad that you came in to talk to our class. You have inspired me to never give up on my dreams. You have accomplished so much in your life and you never let anything hold you back. I admire you so much for this. Your speech gave me hope and I am sure that it gave hope to the rest of my class also. You said that we should never change into what others want us to be like and I believe that it was perfect advice.

-Emmie Maglieri (age 16)

Dear Ms. Tiffany,
 Thank you for coming to our school. You coming here has shown me that there are many different kinds of people. You have also shown me that your problem hasn't kept you down.

 Your friend, Michael Carpenter (age 11)

Dear Tiffany,
 Your life story was incredible! How you've overcome the obstacles is amazing. You have truly showed me that no matter what life throws at you , nothing can stop you from making it to the top. Your story showed me anything is possible. You have inspired me to take more risks, and I now know that life is a journey that everyone has to take.

 Sincerely, Jacqui (age 17

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Letters written by children who have experienced the on-campus culture program: 
United Learning Foundation

Disability Consulting Firm
In the state of California, U.L.F. previously satisfied a standard for education curriculum, prior to the Common Core Curriculum standards, geared to prepare a life for success. 

College and Career Readiness (CCR) Anchor Standard: 
-Students will engage effectively in a range of discussions (one-on-one, in groups, and teacher led) with diverse partners.

Special Education Local Plan Area Goals of: 
Community Involvement and Support
Social Acceptance of Children with Disabilities
Staff Development Programs

U.L.F. On-Campus Culture Program
    Educator Training
Sensitivity in Service:
Assisting Students with Unseen Disabilities
This On-Campus Culture Program is where U.L.F. began in 2010.

For years this program defined U.L.F.'s mission of teaching compassion and one-ness to our youth before it further expanded its purpose to all other programs.  Based on Tiffany Potter's work as a substitute teacher for six years in San Diego Unified School District and the realization, as she worked with new classes, that our children are hungry for someone to speak honestly to them about what it is like to live a challenged life; she decided to offer up her life and experiences as a teaching opportunity.

Meeting them at eye level, she shares her stories, discusses the hurts and sadness accompanied with being bullied, teaches them empathy for each other through a simple yet profound activity, allows time for questions and great group discussions, and offers hope and healing through a special 60 minute presentation with each classroom or group.

This program continues to be sought-out  and we will satisfy all requests for visitation to your campus or organization, wherever you may be.

While we love every single school that has brought United Learning Foundation to their site 
we are honored that Sanger Unified School District in Sanger, CA. has utilized
U.L.F.'s On-Campus Culture Program in their schools. 
Acknowledged by U.S. News and World Report
as containing "...five high schools. The district contains two schools that received gold, silver or 
bronze medals in U.S. News's Best High Schools rankings." 

    All children struggle the same, whether there are those who stumble through normal daily learning activities or those who have a developmental/cognitive disability. While some students have assistance through their 504's and IEP's, some children go without a diagnosis and a lack of resources. 

    This training program helps educators identify behaviors of challenged learners, and provides practical tools and techniques to aid children into a successful educational career. All while maintaining a culture of learning.