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 Disability Consulting Firm
United Learning Foundation (U.L.F.) is a multi-platform company, crafted by Founder and CEO Tiffany A. Potter through her vast knowledge and expertise in disabilities; specializing in programs that aim to better our communities/our world for individuals that live with special needs (seen and unseen). U.L.F. is a pro-active, progressive company that recognizes the beautiful differences in each of us coupled with the understanding that when we each learn to work together we create a more inclusive, peaceful, and productive society.

Through trainings for employees and/or certification through the Compassionate Vendor Program (which create a more loyal customer base), consulting opportunities, and an on-campus culture program for school-aged children; the universal goal of United Learning Foundation is to teach compassion and empathy through education 

These programs offer various lessons for all stages of life, from the education industry to "big business", from governmental agencies to state offices of Emergency Services. These sessions/ trainings/ consulting services all have basic goals to be attained yet are specifically modified for each audience/industry in order to be most effective. "One size fits all" is the antithesis of U.L.F.

​According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 69.2% of citizens in our country are living with at least one disability. We all have the privilege of interacting with these individuals that live with unseen challenges on a daily basis while living in our communities. Just because you cannot see these challenges does not mean they do not exist.  It is only through education do we learn how to appreciate our differences and not fear them.

It is important to note that this education, through every program that U.L.F. offers, is about removing the vail of fear of the unknown through education and consciousness. Inclusivity of any marginalized group, as a goal, is the only way that our world is going to change for the better. 

These trainings focus predominantly on serving individuals with intellectual challenges (Cognitive and Developmental disabilities as well as mental illness) including but not limited to: 

Autism Spectrum Disorder
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.)
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

The U.L.F. mission is to shift the energy of this world to a more compassionate, understanding, and inclusive place for every member of our community.

“Empathy, or more importantly the need for it, is universal. It spans race, religion, politics, abilities, age, gender, and geography.” – Tiffany A. Potter, Inspirational Speaker, Founder/CEO:United Learning Foundation

Com.pas.sion: noun. 1. Deep awareness of the struggles of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.

This is the recognized symbol for the Compassionate Vendor Program training and certification program through United Learning Foundation. Information regarding the training and certification criteria can be found here.

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Public Service Announcement
It has come to our attention that the idea of teaching trainings regarding individuals with challenges (both seen and unseen) has become an attractive way for individuals and organizations to make money. They "sell" their trainings to unsuspecting companies and agencies with little or no experience in presenting trainings, often recruiting trainers that have no experience in the subject they are teaching, and even attempt to sell Certificates of Completion to attendees at the end of each presentation. 

Please be aware that just because one may know someone with a disability it does not mean that they are experienced in presenting trainings so that attendees have a wonderful experience, learn how to be more compassionate, and learn how to apply techniques that will help them interface with the general public. 

If you choose to employ another training firm please ask plenty of questions regarding the training format, the trainer that will be presenting the training and their background in the topic they are speaking on (e.g. if they are training First Responders please confirm that the planned trainer has a background in working with First Responders), and if there are any hidden costs or upselling that is part of the program you are looking to hire.  

(Note: At U.L.F. we only employ Master Trainers competent and proficient in the industry they are presenting to and have been vetted to assure a first-hand knowledge of people with disabilities.)