Tiffany is more than just a trainer and speaker, she also:
  • has worked extensively with individuals that live with developmental and cognitive disabilites
  • has experience in facilitating knowledge 
  • opens a discussion to mindfully learn about differences and disabilities
  • welcomes any question about her own challenges
  • is the representative voice for those with disabilities
  • advocates and promotes a community for oneness

Living with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy since birth, Tiffany has learned first hand the value of compassion and empathy. Many people doubted her abilities to use her immobile hands, but those who realized her potential and oversaw her physical barriers gave her the strength from within and out. 

Later in her adulthood, she realized the support group fostered her into a respected business women. She has realized her mission in life has always been to help transform society into a uniform support group for everyone, 
regardless of barriers.  

For any questions about Tiffany or her programs, connect with her by email at

Did You Know That: According to the 2000 U.S. Census, 49.7 million people, 5 years of age or older, live with at least 1 disability. This represents 19% of the U.S. residents.

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United Learning Foundation
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individuals with special needs
 United Learning Foundation (U.L.F.) is an all-inclusive educational program crafted by Tiffany A. Potter to teach the important lesson of a more compassionate way of interacting and serving all those who are abled and those that live with challenges. 

This program offers various lessons for all stages of life, but the common thread between them is to educate about compassion from classrooms to boardrooms to communities to households. These sessions can be described as personal, open, and zany discussions on various topics that include the adequate treatment of classmates, customers, clients or coworkers who require special consideration. 

The U.L.F. mission is to shift the energy of this world to a more compassionate place, focused with the basic understanding that we are all in this together.

“Empathy, or more importantly the need for it, is universal. It spans race, religion, politics, abilities, gender, and geography.” – Tiffany A. Potter, Inspirational Speaker, President of United Learning Foundation

Com.pas.sion: noun. 1. Deep awareness of the struggles of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.

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