Founder and CEO, Tiffany A. Potter, created United Learning Foundation (U.L.F.) in an effort to educate and inspire, shifting the energy of this world to a more compassionate and inclusive place for each one of us. Ms. Potter has become a change agent by employing her personal experiences of living life with a physical disability, coupled with her professional expertise in a number of different industries and with a number of different individuals that live with both seen and unseen challenges, as well her education; to create an all-inclusive boutique disability consulting firm focused on solving problems and filling gaps in service. 

    Ms. Potter, born and raised in the Central Valley of California, began life with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy of her hands and arms (Arthrogryposis) that left her hands completly immobile. It was expected that she would have no ability to maintain her independence and live a life unassisted by modifications and special treatment. Today, through a mixture of daily exercise of her upper extremities, a belief that she could learn to live in an inflexible world and thrive, tenacity, resilience, and sheer stubbornness, she has gone on to achieve a life and a career that she had only once dreamed of. 

Bachelor of Arts: Political Science/State Diego State University                 Minor: Social Work/ San Diego State University
Post Graduate Studies: Cornell University- 
                                          Employment Disability  Institute        
                                          Specialization: Person Centered Work

Disability Subject Matter Expert (DSME) / Disability and Access and Functional Needs Expert (DAFNE)
    Ms. Potter has become a recognized, sought after DSME and DAFN Expert for a number of local and national projects for various agencies and organizations where a disability point of view is needed. From living with a physical disability to working extensively with individuals that live with cognitive and developmental disabilities in a day program setting, to working with school-aged children that are classified as “emotionally disturbed” via a therapeutic school site, and older adults that live with Alzheimer’s/Dementia as a result of her work with San Diego Hospice; Ms. Potter is uniquely qualified to speak on, and consider, a number perspectives for each project. The depth of her personal and professional experience is rare to find. 

    In regards to Emergency Management, Ms. Potter has also worked as a Lead Associate in Mass Care/Disaster Response for the American Red Cross San Diego and Imperial County Chapter. As a result, she has also consulted for the organization through individual chapters and presented at the ARC Health Summit, speaking on Access and Functional Needs. She is also a DSME for the State of California FAST (Functional Assessment Service Team) program and a technical advisor on the Emergency Function Workgroup 6 (sheltering) for the California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES), appointed by Richard Devylder, past Chief, Office of Access and Functional Needs, CA Governor's Office of Access and Functional Needs.

After 13 years of living in San Diego, CA, Ms. Potter now lives back in Central California, where she spent her first 21 years.

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